The idea behind my page is to show you my view of the world, places I have visited, things that I have seen and epic scenery that I have been lucky to see.

If you like something that you have seen on my page and you want to hang some individual art  on your wall (no I mean not IKEA photos) – feel free to browse my shop and invest in art that will be worth millions in years (well ok, we both know that this will be not the case). Thank you <3

Some not so serious words about me:

Hi again!

My name is Balint.

I like to take photos.

I am humble. I have no need to brag but still you have to get to know me somehow.

The day I was born, the nurses wept in despair, for they knew they would never see a child such as I again.

In the 8th grade, I was invited to participate in an international think-tank on aging.

My hobbies include experiments into rule the world – hi Kim, and a successful attempt to turn a tomato into a vegetable.

I have received an award from the IRS on the beauty and prose of my tax returns.

Next to Chuck Norris I’m the only one who ever counted to infinity, but only once.

My fashion sense is unparalleled.


What my worst flaw is? I’m too awesome.

I don’t need these lines to get laid.





Now to a more serious topic, what’s in my bag:

People quite often ask me what’s in my bag, what gear do I use. They are often surprised when they see that I don’t use a lot of equipment.

It’s not the amount or the price of your gear that makes you a good photographer, it’s how you can get the best out your equipment. It’s useless having the best camera if you don’t know the basics.

A wise man, not me, once said: “The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You”

My gear:

Camera: Sony A7

Lens: Voigtländer 21mm f1.8 – Voigtländer 35mm f1.2 – Konica 85mm f1.8

Tripod: Manfrotto with a Mantona head, nothing fancy but it works

Software: Capture One Pro, I’m too lazy for Photoshop

And some filters not worth mentioning

Basically, that’s it.